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Version R2686  
Size 0.68 MB(s)  
Language English  
# of Download
116   Download
# of View 733 
Price 0$ ( Freeware )
Operating System Windows2000,WinXP
System Requirements 32 MB RAM
Date Added 2010-04-10
Updated 1969-12-31

Description of Admit One

Admit One lets you enable and disable all Windows password prompts with just one mouse click - You wont be bothered by passwords while at home, and youll always be prompted to prevent unauthorized use when on the go. Great for desktop PCs as well, where privacy and security are needed. By default Windows asks for your password each time Windows starts up, the computer returns from standby or hibernation, or when screen saver mode is deactivated. This is your first line of defense to prevent outsiders from using your computer if its left unattended. All the passwords prompts are best left enabled on a laptop computer, for example, when it may be left in a car, hotel room, etc. However, for many users, such strict security is not always required; e.g. if the computer is always at home, no unauthorized users can access it, and constant password prompting is inconvenient and irritating. Of course access across a network will always require a password, so network security is not affected. Some laptop users actually use their computer in a physically secure environment most of the time, and travel with their laptop only occasionally. While all passwords prompts can be enabled and disabled using normal Windows configuration dialogs, they are buried deep inside control panel and other places, requiring many mouse clicks to get to them. Most users dont remember where and how to change them, and it is annoying at best. Therefore most users are either using their computers with little or no security, or are constantly annoyed by password prompts when such strong security is not warranted. Admit One conveniently lets you enable and disable all passwords prompts with just one mouse click. Admit One - dont leave home without it!

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