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Version 2.5a  
Size 4096.00 MB(s)  
Language N/A  
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5857   Download
# of View 21542 
Price 0$ ( Freeware )
Operating System Windows, Windows 98
System Requirements Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98
Date Added 2009-03-01
Updated 2009-03-02

Description of Madrix

The perfect software solution for clubs & disco, mobile DJ's, bars & lounges, architecture, events and fair. The easy way to control hudge installations. Static, Sound2Light and Music2Light effects with Time-, Cue- and Playlist included! With the DMX-IN control you can use MADRIX as a "Blackbox or Effektengine".

New features of Madrix

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Key features of Madrix:
  • All MADRIX versions - start, basic, dvi, professional and ultimate:
  • easy matrix control
  • intuitively user interface and easy to use
  • create effects in seconds
  • all effects scale automaticly
  • Music2Light, Sound2Light, Static, Script effects
  • DMX512 and ArtNet II output
  • DMX-IN, MIDI-IN and ArtNet, ArtNet II controllable
  • 2 effect pipelines for live performances
  • 120 storage places
  • unimited layers
  • graphical mapping function
  • graphical patch
  • MADRIX Fixture Editor included
  • The new experience in easy lighting control
  • MADRIX is a new experience in easy lighting control with latest technology for optimal friendly use. This lighting control software beats most of the consoles available on the market and can be fully synchronised through DMX-IN. With years of developement, MADRIX is known as the most powerful LED lighting control software with Slave control from any DMX controller via DMX-IN and up to 131.072 DMX channels.
  • Control your lights - without any training
  • The perfect solution for clubs, DJ?s, bars, lounges, shows and conventions. The keywords for this comprehensive light control software are simple handling and an intuitive easy to use user-interface. The two effect pipelines for programming effects, as well as an output window, will give you a direct and intuitive access to the light effects. MADRIX is a independent stand-alone matrix controller with automatic recalculation of all effects when resizing the matrix size or selecting other lighting fixtures.
  • Real-time audio analysis for amazing effects
  • With a soundcard and the unique Music2Light real time effects, it forms a 100% synchron light show. MADRIX analyzes the music in real time and plays live DMX shows. Opposite to the light consoles and other software solutions, the MADRIX light show runs automatically and synchronous to the music. You can use the Real-Time Audio Analysis with any audio source - Audio-CD, Record Player, Tape, MP3, WMA, Microphone ...
  • All MADRIX includes an installation CDROM, a software protection dongle and an english user guide.
  • MADRIX start is a good choice if you simply have basic lighting needs for LIVE shows, mobile DJ's and small club installations.
  • MADRIX basic is our most popular licence and is a good choice if you simply have basic lighting needs for LIVE applications and club installations.
  • MADRIX dvi works best on DVI controlled pixel walls, video walls and it's the tool for LJs as well as musicians, visual artists and others looking for a real time effect engine and video mixing.
  • MADRIX professional is a good choice if you are a rental company, LIVE applications, club installations and live concerts and shows.
Limitation of Madrix
  • No output of DMX512/ArtNet/DVI data
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