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AffSoft Affiliate Tracking Software Download
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Operating System WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Unix,Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open
Date Added 2010-01-18
Updated 1969-12-31

Description of AffSoft Affiliate Tracking Software

AffSoft Affiliate Tracking Software will help you start your own affiliate program the easiest way possible for the lowest prices imaginable! Affiliate programs are the most efficient way of promoting your website because you only pay for results! A small initial investment in affiliate tracking software will help you make your web sites more profitable. Give your affiliates a commission for every sale they generate. You can choose to reward affiliates for CPM (thousand banners displayed), referred clicks, leads or sales, with the ability to manually or automaticaly approve the transactions. Affiliate can get either fixed commission or percentage of purchase. With our build-in fraud prevention techniques, you can be sure your affiliates will not misuse your program and generate false clicks or sales. Using AffSoft Affiliate Tracking Software, your affiliates can promote your products or services to potential customers via emails, image banners, text links, Flash banners, even customized HTML banners, which enables you to use forms or JavaScript snippets as your media. AffSoft Affiliate Tracking Software tracks number of times the banner/link was displayed, number of visitors who followed the link to your site and purchases by referred customers. It also keeps track of commissions earned by affiliates and allows various types of payout. Having an affiliate program is one of the best and cheapest ways to increase sales and achieve higher targeted traffic. Affiliate marketing is very effective solution, because it allows you to base advertising on a pay-per-performance model. Instead of paying for advertising and \"hoping for the best\", merchants using affiliate marketing programs pay only when advertising results in an actual sale.

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