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Download PDA Controller Download


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Version 3.1  
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Price 20$ ( Freeware ) Buy now
Operating System Windows,Windows Mobile PocketPC/Symbian/Windows Mobile Smartphone
System Requirements PDA Controller
Date Added 2008-09-02
Updated 1969-12-31

Description of Download PDA Controller

PDA Controller was designed for people who want to make best use of every dollar they spend. If you have a Pocket PC or Windows CE device that you later change for a Windows Mobile Smartphone, why should you have to buy the same product again? Why should you have to buy a product that does exactly the same thing but for a different type of device, say Sony Ericsson P800? With PDA Controller this is now possible. PDA Controller lets you type comfortably from your desktop PC or laptop in two ways. First you can zoom the screen to twice it’s original size, secondly you can use the desktop keyboard so that you can type in quickly. This way you send off those quick e-mails or SMS messages without the annoyance of having to tap each letter at a time while squinting at the screen! But that is not all you can do with PDA Controller! You can copy files directly to your device, delete and rename files. Copy to clipboard for easier typing. You can also create presentations when you are on the road by setting PDA Controller in screen only mode and fixed on top of your chosen background.

New features of Download PDA Controller
  • Fine tune options for a wider range of device products, whether they are fast or slow, small or large, wide area network or locally connected to PC.
  • Take screen snapshots and save to a picture file.
  • Capture screen activity to a video file in either one of three most popular formats, Apple Quicktime, Windows Media Format and standard AVI.

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Key features of Download PDA Controller:
  • Zoom screen for better viewing
  • Type information on your PDA from your PC keyboard
  • Manage files and folders on your PDA
  • Copy to and from desktop or laptop to device
Limitation of Download PDA Controller
  • The distance of use vary depending on the power of the transmitter / receiver infrared team your PDA
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