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Yahoo Multi Messenger for version 8.x and 9.x Download
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Version For Y!M 8.x and 9.x  
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Date Added 2009-01-02
Updated 2009-01-02

Description of Yahoo Multi Messenger for version 8.x and 9.x

This application will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger on your pc! Perfect for those who have several different yahoo id's and would like to be logged in to them at once. The version 8 patching program is NOT version specific, it will work with all versions of YM 8! All you need to do is launch the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file and then you can select to enable or disable the polygamy patch. Once its patched (either way) it will remain that way until changed again. The only time you will now use the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file is to change the actual patching, otherwise, you will now use the normal Yahoo Messenger icons. Installation Instructions: Before installing, please read ALL included documentation! Run the installation setup program to install Y!Multi Messenger. This will automatically install to C:Program FilesYahoo!Messenger. If you have installed Yahoo Messenger to a different folder, make sure to reflect the correct path in the Y!Multi Messenger setup wizard. Failure to have it install to the Yahoo Messenger program files folder will likely result in dll (driver file) errors. Up/Downgrading Instructions: Should you upgrade or downgrade versions of Yahoo Messenger, please delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file from the Yahoo program files folder first, then uninstall/upgrade Yahoo Messenger. Then if you are wanting to install Multi, make sure you have the same version of it and install it. It is important to delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file before up/down grading it as sometimes it may not get overwritten and can cause errors!

New features of Yahoo Multi Messenger for version 8.x and 9.x

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Key features of Yahoo Multi Messenger for version 8.x and 9.x:
  • Y!Multi Messenger works just like Yahoo Messenger, there is nothing else you need to do to have it work for you. Simply use Yahoo Messenger like you normally would, the only difference is that you can have several of them open at once.
Limitation of Yahoo Multi Messenger for version 8.x and 9.x
  • Y!Multi Messenger is in no way endorsed nor supported by Yahoo! Inc.
  • Should you run into *.dll errors when trying to launch Y!Multi Messenger, please uninstall it AND uninstall/reinstall Yahoo Messenger as well. Please note that you must run the same version/build of Yahoo Messenger and Y!Multi Messenger.
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