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Operating System Windows,
System Requirements .Net Framework 2.0
Date Added 2009-07-28
Updated 2009-07-28

Description of SMART Disk Monitor

S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor automatically enumerates available networks and allows you to select disks to monitor and shares to iterate (admin access required). Disk utilization is polled via a Windows Service. Both warning and critical thresholds can be set. When the thresholds are crossed, S.M.A.R.T. Disk Monitor can send a detailed message, a PDA friendly message, or a user defined email message to any set of users. S.M.A.R.T. predictive disk failure notification enables Systems Administrators to receive notification before a disk fails. Off-line alerts can optionally be configured enabling Systems Administrators to receive notification when a disk is unavailable. Numerous summary reports can be configured and scheduled. Results are emailed enabling IT managers to receive daily, weekly, or monthly summary reports. Directories can also be monitored. Both warning and critical alerts can be set when a directory reaches a specific size. Directory size alerts are emailed. Systems Administrators can create their own HTML templates that include variable replacement tags. A different template can be assigned to each monitored directory enabling ISPs to notify customers of potential quota violations.

New features of SMART Disk Monitor
  • A different template can be assigned to each monitored directory enabling ISPs to notify customers of potential quota violations.
  • Includes file extension and last accessed files reports.

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Key features of SMART Disk Monitor:
  • Monitors disk utilization, SMART predictive disk failure notifications, and online status.
  • Sends fully customizable email alerts to system administrators.
  • Schedule executive summary reports that include drive utilization and SMART status for multiple computers and disks.
  • Graphically displays multiple disks' utilization percentage.
  • Stores and graphically displays disk utilization over time. Historical data is stored in CSV format optimized for Microsoft Excel.
  • Monitor directory sizes and send fully customizable email notifications to users and customers.
  • Create directory and file access permission reports simplifying Sarbanes Oxley auditing of mission critical data access.
  • Generate file extension break down reports.
  • Identify recently or rarely accessed files using our recently accessed files reports.
  • Sub-directory size reports enable system administrators to quickly identify large or growing sub-directories.
  • Automatically publish reports to your Intranet web server.
  • Includes tray icon status.
  • Sends email notification when drive monitors fail.
  • Fire multiple types of alerts, notification and actions.
  • Schedule detailed reports.
  • Monitor Active Directory and automatically configure new computers.
  • Single installation monitors entire network.
  • No installation required on managed computers.
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