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Google refuses to hand over information requested by the prosecutor of Connecticut

"I'm disappointed that Google did not comply with my requests for information," Blumenthal said via a press release, which added that the Prosecutor will consider taking "further steps to enforce the law, including legal action. "

One week ago today, the prosecutor claimed that state information to the web browser because it believed "to have access to personal data that Google improperly sought private wireless network may be necessary to prevent this from happening again."

In that claim the prosecutor said it was "confidential information necessary to verify that the company collected and stored surreptitiously" to "determine whether intercepted passwords, emails and other information."

Google acknowledged in May that the fleet of vehicles used to take pictures of the streets around the world and draw up its Street View mapping service had picked up about 600 gigabytes of data Wi-Fi networks for several years, including "Fragments "e-mails and internet searches, which the company blamed a" mistake. "


Thus, last June a total of 38 U.S. states have launched an investigation to determine whether Google committed a violation, among which is the state of Connecticut, which also coincides with other initiatives in different parts of the world, especially in Australia and Europe. EFE

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