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He solved the equation: he won a laptop CR-48, Google (Video)

The promotional video to Chrome and the CR-48 laptop, Google, hid a mathematical formula. Who was the first to solve it received a computer.

The video was successful on the Web it, one responsible for the usability of the operating system Chrome shows how after the computer is completely destroyed it possible to access all data, because Chrome runs Web-based, so everything is there saved. However, the interesting detail in this video is that Google entered here what is generally referred to as "Easter Egg". Basically, a content which when found and deciphered allows access to other information.

The "Easter Egg" this video was a mathematical formula (pause to 2m25s). Who was paying attention was, according to Engadget, such as Sylvain Zimmer joined a group of friends to solve the equation. It took one day to do so. In the end, obtained a series of numbers that turned into letters.

These formed the phrase: "Speed and Destroy." written ahead of these letters and were presented with a message that welcomed for being the first to break the puzzle certified MENSA. Therefore, they would receive a laptop CR-48.

What do you think? Imagine that Google could do something like this? By the way, could solve the formula?

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