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State will move to using open standards software (video)

Against all the most pessimistic predictions, the proposed law of BE and PCP received the necessary votes for the parliamentary groups of PS and PSD. 

Despite the favorable votes, Miguel Laranjeiro, Deputy PS, and Pedro Duarte, a member of the PSD, in the respective interventions considered that the proposed laws to provide confusing open standards with the use of free software. 

Block PCP and admitted to receive input from other parliamentary groups in the specialty during the debate that follows in the near future.

Although they relate to the same theme, the two bills were referred to various committees for the respective discussions in the specialty. 


The authors believe that the proposals soon, the two bills will be debated on the same committee, and may form the basis of a single text. 

The bills seek to require all state agencies to use software with open standards that facilitate interoperability. With this solution, the citizens do not have to download different applications to access documents that the Administration makes available on the Web. 

The authors of the law believe that the final text of the new law can be completed - and voted - in a month. 

In the same parliamentary session, the CDS-PP presented a resolution for the same purposes of the proposed laws on PCP and BE. The resolution would be sinker. In the opinion of the parliamentary group of the CDS-PP, should be the government to create laws that promote the application of open standards in software used by government.

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