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WinRAR is a vital program that must be installed n your...

Added on Dec 29, 2010 | WinRAR,Internet, Software, Social Networking,

Google refuses to hand over information requested by the prosecutor of Connecticut

"I'm disappointed that Google did not comply with...

Added on Dec 18, 2010 | Richard Blumenthal,web browser ,internet searches,Australia and Europe

Microsoft Windows 8 might show next month at CES 2011

Next month will be held in...

Added on Dec 15, 2010 | Microsoft Windows 8 ,Las Vegas,Consumer Electronics Show,Steve Ballmer,

Celsius X VI II Ledix, a probably more expensive than mobile home

The Celsius X VI II Ledix's new...

Added on Dec 15, 2010 | Mobile Phones,Celsius X VI II Ledix's,mobile home,

Abaqus Dassault Systemes introduces 6.10-EF

SIMULIA provides HPC capabilities for finite element analysis and multiphysics...

Added on Dec 15, 2010 | Dassault Systemes ,multiphysics, SIMULIA,realistic simulation,

Panda announces 10 trends for cyber security in 2011

Panda Security this week released a list of 10 trends for IT security in 2011,...

Added on Dec 15, 2010 | Panda Security,cyber security,IT security ,PandaLabs,mobile phones ,jokes Corrons,Cyber-protests

He solved the equation: he won a laptop CR-48, Google (Video)

The promotional video to Chrome and the CR-48 laptop, Google, hid a mathematical formula. Who was the first to solve it received a computer.


Added on Dec 13, 2010 | chrome, CR-48, formula

The Wi-Fi can kill the trees, say Dutch researchers

Two studies have just initiated the alert: 70% of trees in a small Dutch town are sick; exposure to electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi may be responsible for the disease.

Added on Dec 13, 2010 | trees,wi-fi,networks,health,illnesses,Internet

Microsoft wanted to buy Facebook: Zuckerberg said no to Ballmer

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